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Desita Supports Medical and Humanitarian Missions

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Desita mean "joy" in Amharic - the language spoken in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. (Desita traveled there on a small medical and humanitarian discovery mission in August of 2019 - click link above.) Desita's mission is to support medical and humanitarian missions in developing nation. Most of our volunteers are high school students who work before and during missions to help children in hospitals and orphanages.  Desita also supports youth sports organizations in developing nations. The goal of Desita is to keep spreading joy throughout the world with your help.

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Medical Work

Helping The Community

Desita leverages its relationships with pediatric cardiologists, pediatric cardiac surgeons and pediatric interventional cardiologists as well as anesthesiologists and other specialists to provide the highest level of care for children with congenital heart disease in developing nations. The Desita team provides a complete team of experts as well as the equipment needed to both perform and to teach congenital heart surgery, pediatric cardiac intensive care and pediatric interventional cardiology.  Our mission is both to care for children with congenital heart disease and to help teach the local team. Desita volunteers help to clean, inventory and transport essential medical equipment prior to missions and help however is needed in the hospitals during the missions.

Humanitarian Work

Reinforcing our Commitment

Desita performs concomitant humanitarian support for children in local orphanages and in the community.  Prior to medical missions, Desita assesses the needs of each community and targets orphanages and youth sports clubs near the hospital. Desita volunteers spends as much as a year prior to each mission collecting clothing and other goods needed by local orphanages.  Desita also reaches out to local sports organizations and supplies a variety of athletic equipment (primarily soccer and tennis) to local sports teams.  Desita volunteers can participate in both the medical and humanitarian side of missions.


Our Goal

One Step at a Time

Desita is unique because the humanitarian mission consists primarily of high school kids helping (and interacting with) younger kids. With our organization’s mission always in mind, we don't just drop off goods.  Desita volunteers not only delivers badly need goods, clothing, toys and sports equipment, but they take many hours at each stop to spend time, play, interact and really get to know the children we are trying to help.

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